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Project “Entre Medianeras” (comprehensive reform in Dénia)


The project consisted in the integral remodeling of the existing house, built in the sixties. The reform sought to create a new atmosphere, which was achieved with the increase of fluidity between spaces and adaptation to a more contemporary aesthetic. From a very fragmented distribution, it was proposed to connect and extend the rooms of the house, in an attempt to “stretch” the little useful surface available. In addition, the perimeter of the facade and the dividing walls – both very rugged – were regularized. The practical issue of storage was solved by cabinets that took advantage of pre-existing gaps; The first steps of the ladder are a good example of this intervention. The study of this staircase represented one of the main challenges of this project; We sought to respect the functionality and create the sensation of spatiality through the visual dissolution of this structure in space. In the house there are now two clearly differentiated areas: the day area, located on the ground floor, more public and diaphanous; and the night area, located on the upper floor, of a more private and fractional character to dispose the toilet and the built-in wardrobe. The chosen materials created a serene and luminous atmosphere; also the white color -the great protagonist-, which predominates in walls, ceilings and interior carpentry. The chromatic contrast was obtained with the ceramic pavement, present in all rooms.